Monday, May 28, 2012

Mother's day...

So, for Mother's Day, Bryce asked me what I wanted and all I wanted was to be in the mountains camping with our boys.  So....we did.  This post is a bit late...but the trip was wonderful.  It rained on us, which made us very grateful for the ridiculously large tent we bought recently (it has 2 rooms!). 

Here the boys are throwing rocks in the river on a hike to Linville Falls:

 Oskar, and one of his amazingly wonderful looks:

 Oliver and Oskar at the head of the hike:

 Hiking Mama.  Oskar likes to hike/carry/run/walk/carry/walk/piggy pack/ run/ ride on your shoulders/hike.  It's a mix and we just roll with it. 
 Me and Huggie:
 Oliver in a beautiful field (the picture really didn't capture it).  Oliver is constantly bringing me flowers.  Sweet boy.  Hope this habit lasts...

Oskar in the field:

Bryce and the boys:
 This picture makes me laugh.  Oskar is standing EXACTLY like Bryce always stands with his hands on his hips and his hips slightly to the side.  So funny how some similarities just show up...
 Beautiful NC mountains:
 One of the shots of Linville Falls...

 Oliver, climbing into a tree stump:

Oliver, IN the tree stump:

Me and Huggie and the flower that it is illeagle to pick.  It was really pretty.  It is a rhododendron.  They are all over the NC mountains and were in full bloom.  
 Me and the illegal flower---worth it!:
 Me and Huggie with the falls behind us:

At this point in the hike, the boys were DONE posing for pictures as you can see....

Oliver, riding his horse.  At this point in the hike, we were both carrying a son.  People were laughing at us, saying "those boys have it made" and the like.  Funny.  We are suckers.  But we also like to keep moving and don't mind it really. 

This picture on the fallen tree is significant because when Bryce came to NC to visit when we were dating in 2000, we did this same hike and took a picture of the two of us on this same tree!  We didn't even remember the hike until we saw this tree.

We also spent some time in one of our favorite towns, Boone, NC.  Its a great college town with awesome shopping.  Lots of cool hippie consignment shops and little cheap local boutiques.  My mother's day gift was being able to wander aimlessly and shop and buy a few things.  It was a perfect weekend. 

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